Why you should go skydiving at Skydive Spa, Belgium

Skydiving at Skydive Spa in Belgium must be one of the best experiences of my life! Not only because the sensation up in the air is indescribable; but also because I loved the vibes at this skydive club. I know you can go skydiving anywhere in the world. But if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Spa in Belgium, I strongly recommend to go skydiving at Skydive Spa. Why? Find out here!

Why you should go skydiving at Skydive Spa

Skydive Spa Belgium

Skydiving at Skydive Spa is an event, not just a jump

From the moment you arrive, people take care of you. They tell you what to do and what your day will look like. Because it’s not just arriving, putting the skydive suit on, board the plane and jump. It’s a whole experience. You’ll fill in the forms, put on a skydive suit and from then on, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that is going on at the skydive club.

You can go outside and enjoy the view of the planes arriving and departing. Or have a drink while you watch the people arriving from the air and landing with their parachutes. You’ll see how the skydivers prepare their parachutes. Also, you can get to know the people from the club itself or others that come here for a visit.

When it’s your turn, you’ll get your harness and instructions from the one you’re jumping with. And from then on, the instructor won’t leave your side anymore and you become best friends. 🙂 On the plane you feel like part of the team when everyone starts shaking hands right before the door opens. After landing you will never be the same again! Get a drink and enjoy the adrenaline still rushing through your blood.

Skydive Spa Belgium

The people are amazing

Everyone I met at Skydive Spa was really nice and always willing to help and inform. The instructors are all passionate and enthusiastic, which is very catchy! By joking around with them and seeing how professional they are, your stress or fear (if there is any) disappears and takes place for excitement. They are always prepared to make time to answer your questions or do a small chat. My instructor even made sure to remind me up in the sky to do certain things to make my video look more awesome. They really make an effort to guarantee you’ll have an amazing day.

Skydive Spa Belgium

The location is beautiful

Skydive Spa is situated at the airport Spa La Sauvenière just outside Spa. It’s surrounded by hills and forests, which makes a splendid view from up above. I even saw Spa Francorchamps (the race track)! So I preferred this view because I love nature and Belgium is a densely built country. There aren’t that many skydive centers in the middle of such a beautiful environment.

skydiving at skydive spa

Amazing photos and video edit

If you decide to go skydiving, make sure to order the full video experience (handy cam and external cam). It’s not cheap, but an amazing souvenir of your awesome experience. At Skydive Spa they make a wonderful and professional video edit of your whole experience (preparation & instructions, on board of the plane, the jump and landing) which you receive 20 minutes after landing. I must have watched mine already 30 times and it’s only 3 days ago! Definitely worth the money!

Skydive Spa Belgium

They speak their languages

Whether you speak Dutch, French, German or English; there will always be an instructor who can speak your language!

You’re in safe hands

There haven’t been any accidents at Skydive Spa and they are all professionals who know what they’re doing. Instructors have a minimum of 8 hours parachute time and 1000 jumps.

Skydive Spa Belgium

They jump from 4 km/13000 ft

While most clubs jump at 12000 ft, at Spa you’ll exit the plane at 13000 ft. Which means you’ll freefall for 50 seconds at 200 km/hour. This is an awesome sensation!

If you decide to go skydiving at Skydive Spa after reading this article (which I really hope you do!), please let them know you were inspired by this article!

All the photos are made by Skydive Spa or screenshots from their video material.

Video will be online soon!

You can book your tandem jump at Skydive Spa here.

World Wanderista experienced the Tandem Skydive as a guest at Skydive Spa, however my opinions are as always my own!

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