What’s in my bag – city trip edition

Apparently a lot of people think I must be carrying a huge bag with me during the day while exploring, because I take 2 to 3 cameras with me. Nothing can be further from the truth. I wear an average sized city bag and I still manage to carry all the necessary stuff for my day out. I often get the question what bag I use and what I take with me, so I decided to share this travel mystery with you!

What’s in my bag for a day in the city?

What' in my bag city trip edition 2


A small wallet I bought in Istanbul with my passport, money, banc card and credit card. I don’t take my big purse, because I don’t need all the stuff that’s in it while traveling.


Who can live without it these days? I use it to look things up when in a wifi spot or to take pictures with my GoPro using the Capture GoPro app.

Bottle of water

To keep hydrated throughout the day.


I always take a snack with me, in case I get hungry and restaurants are out of reach.

Wet & dry tissues

Wet to clean my hands, dry to clean my nose!


Not only during the Summer, but also in Winter these come in handy, since the sun is lower in the sky, constantly burning your eyes.


Only at cold destinations obviously.

Map & notes

Because I don’t want to miss out on things, I always take a map with me on which I indicated the places I want to visit. I also take notes with me about these places and examples of photos I could take as inspiration.

Notebook & pen

To take notes of my thoughts, experiences, names of restaurants, my expenses…

Empty plastic bag

To sit on so my clothes don’t get stains.


To avoid unexpected showers.

My photo cameras

Currently a Canon G7X, Sony DSC HX50 (if I need more zoomed in shots) and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Spare batteries & SD cards

For all my photo cameras to make sure I will always be able to take photos.

Selfie stick / Gorillapod

To be able to take my photos and make my vlogs!

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