VIDEO: 5 best hikes of Madeira

The 5 best hikes of Madeira you must do when visiting the island for the first time!
There are hundreds of walks at the island, so let me make it easy for you to choose!

Detailed info here:

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: 5 best hikes of Madeira

  1. Thank you for this video! I could watch it over and over 🙂
    I have a question about Madeira hikes: I decided to go with a tent, but in order to do so I need to obtain a permission for camping in wild places. But the official brochure with trail description says: “never walk alone!” Did you walk alone? Is there any particular reason for not walking alone? I am not scared of solo hikes, I have enough mountain skills to do so, but I am afraid that I won’t get this permission if they learn that I am on my own. What do you think?

    1. Hey Justyna,
      Indeed, they often say do not walk alone, because almost all hikes have parts where you could fall down when you have vertigo. Not all paths are secured. I did all hikes by myself. So I just ignored it. I told myself if I would start shaking or becoming unsteady because of fear I wouldn’t proceed. But I managed to complete all hikes I did so I’m proud of that 🙂
      Can’t help you with the tent part. I don’t think they will be that strict. I encountered other solo hikers as well, but they were all male 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reply:) That’s exactly what I thought – it should be doable solo. And I am from Ireland, so when I hear that not all the paths are secured, I can only think: ‘hurray, there’s a path!’, as not all mountains in Ireland are blessed with that facility 😉

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