10 things you must do in Valencia

Valencia totally surprised me! There are so many things to see and do! I had done some research, but apparently not enough! So that’s why I decided to share with you the 10 things to do in Valencia. That way you won’t miss out on its greatest activities!

10 things to do in Valencia

Valencia street

1. Get lost in the streets of the old town

The old town of Valencia consists of countless authentic Spanish streets. It’s an absolute delight to wander through the maze of the narrow streets that are contoured by beautiful facades often decorated with tiny balconies stuffed with flowers and plants. Don’t forget to look up. I’m sure you’ll discover some fantastic details. While strolling around I’m sure you’ll encounter the Portal de Valldigna, the old entrance to the Arab quarter, and the two city gates; Torres de Quart and Torres de Serranos. The old town also houses cute boutiques with Spanish fashion.

Valencia neighbourhood guide

Valencia Miguelete

2. Climb the Miguelete tower of the cathedral

Even though it’s a shame you can’t really look over its walls (they’re rather high and it’s protected with wire so no one can fall down), I still think climbing up the Miguelete Tower is one of the 10 things to do in Valencia. If you stretch enough you can see some awesome views of the city and it’s many bell towers and church domes. You can also witness the bell ringing. The staircase is very narrow and steep and you have to wait until the green light is on before you can take the stairs.

Valencia Plaza de la Virgen

3. Explore the Plaza de la Virgen

This is the most charming square of Valencia. It’s surrounded by a pink basilica, an impressive cathedral, a romantic fountain and some nice restaurants. Don’t forget to take the passage way between the basilica and the cathedral to discover the side portal of the basilica through which you can spot the statue of Our Lady of the Forsaken.

tapas Caballeros

4. Eat tapas at the Calle Caballeros

This is one of the most vivid streets with fantastic restaurants, tapas bars and a famous for its nightlife! My favorite restaurant was Ness.

5. Drink Agua de Valencia at Café de las Horas

Don’t get fooled by its name; Agua de Valencia. This local drink has nothing to do with water! On the contrary, it’s rather strong. It consists of cava, orange juice, vodka and gin. There are variants with Countreau also. Café de las Horas is one of the few places where they prepare the Agua de Valencia with fresh orange juice. They serve it in a can so you can pour it in your own cava glass. Reaching the bottom of the can, it gets harder to pour…

Valencia beach

6. Rent a bike

By renting a bike it’s easy to reach the beach, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and to explore a lot of the city in a short time. But be aware of the biking rules! Fines are very high and police very strict! You can read the rules here.

Valencia Mercado Central

7. Enjoy the local ambience at the markets

If you want to experience the local ambience, you really need to visit the Mercado Central. It is the biggest market of Valencia with locals selling fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, cheese,…
Another market is the Mercado Colon, but this is more a food and shopping area now with bars and restaurants.

Valencia Plaza Ayuntamiento

8. Admire the architecture at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento

The Plaza de Ayuntamiento has so many incredible buildings to admire! Some even reminded me of Cuba or Barcelona. It’s a huge square so you should really take your time to explore it.

Valencia Palacio Marques de Dos Aguas

9. Take a look at the entrance of the Palacio Marques Dos Aguas

This rococo palace is actually the ceramics museum. I wasn’t that interested in the museum but I could surely appreciate its facade and entrance!

Valencia Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

10. Imagine yourself being in the future or in space at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

This scientific and cultural site with its surreal architecture makes you feel as if you were beamed to the future or to another planet. It consists of 7 architectural masterpieces surrounded by the bluest water;

  • The Hemesferic, which resembles an eye is a planetarium, an IMAX cinema and laserium. It’s also known as the Eye of Knowledge.
  • El Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe is an interactive museum that looks like the skeleton of a huge whale.
  • The Umbracle is an open structure covering a path surrounded by plants and palm trees. It’s built over a car park and also houses the disco L’Umbracle Terraza
  • L’Oceanografic which is the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe.
  • El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia: an opera house and performing arts center
  • El Pont de l’Assut de l’Or, a white cable-stayed bridge crossing the dry Turia riverbed
  • L’Agora a covered plaza in which concerts and sporting events are held

things to do Valencia

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