Slovenia Road Trip itinerary: The Julian Alps & Ljubljana

My Slovenia road trip at the Julian Alps was probably my best planned ever! I’ve spend just enough time at every place I stayed at to see everything I wanted to explore. I did some amazing hikes, saw the most awesome waterfalls and really enjoyed the nature, even though it rained all the time! So of course I’m going to share all the necessary information with you about this perfect Slovenia road trip!

Slovenia Road Trip Itinerary: the Julian Alps & Ljubljana, everything you need to know

Stops: Bled – Stara Fuzina (Bohinj) – Kal Koritnica (Bovec) – Gozd Martuljek – Ljubljana
Duration: 10 nights
Total kilometers: 313km
Hotels/apartments: The cheapest I stayed at was 44€ per night, the most expensive was 76€ per night, the total price for 10 nights was 602€. All places were at good locations, had parking space and were very clean.
Rental car: a Renault Clio booked via Sixt. I payed 341,43€ including gas for 8 days (I returned the car at the airport before going to Ljubljana, since I didn’t need a car there).
Activities during this Slovenia road trip: hiking to waterfalls and along canyons, lakes, view points, city trip Ljubljana

Slovenia road trip itinerary

Bled (25 min drive from airport)

Slovenia road trip Bled Slovenia road trip Vintgar

Duration: 2 nights, 1.5 days
Where did I stay? B&B Old Parish House

The first stop of my Slovenia road trip was Bled. One full day is enough to spend at Lake Bled. This idyllic place with the beautiful lake surrounded by the magnificent snow capped mountains is a must do when traveling Slovenia. Make sure to hike at the Vintgar Gorge, do a tour around the lake and climb up the Ojstrica view point. Bled town itself isn’t very impressive. You can read more about it here or watch my video here.

Stara Fuzina (Bohinj) (1 hour drive from Bled)

Slovenia road trip Slap Savica

Slovenia road trip Mostnica

Slovenia road trip Bohinj

Duration: 2 nights, 1.5 days
Where did I stay? Plansar Rooms & Apartment

After arriving at Stara Fuzina I took the car to Slap Savica. It’s a 20 minute drive. The hike to this waterfall consists of 553 stairs and takes about 30 minutes one way. I was forced to return back to the apartment after the hike since I was soaked due to the bad weather and the excessive amount of water in the waterfall. But you can add a paragliding activity or take the cable car to the top of Mount Vogel.
The next day I hiked along Mostnica Gorge and through the Voje Valley to a waterfall. The hike takes you through the forest along the canyon and its river and then changes scenery. Suddenly you’ll find yourself in a green valley surrounded by impressive mountains. I arrived back at Stara Fuzina around 13.00 and then I did a walk by the Bohinj lake. Which is a fantastic natural clear lake. More about Bohinj soon on the blog! Video can be watched here.

Tolmin (1 hour 45 min drive from Stara Fuzina)

Slovenia road trip Tolmin

On my way from Stara Fuzina to Kal Koritnica (Bovec) I did two stops. The Tolmin gorge was the first one. This hike takes you along a canyon river with the lightest blue/green water I’ve ever seen! There are some pretty impressive sights here! At times the path is rather challenging with a lot of stairs (500)! More about Tolmin soon on the blog! Video can be watched here.

Slap Kozjak (30 min drive from Tolmin)

Slovenia road trip Slap Kozjak

This was my second stop on my way to Bovec. You can park your car at the parking lot right after crossing the Napoleon’s Bridge (right side of the road). The hike is rather easy and at the end it leads you to a “Jurassic Parkesque” canyon with impressive rock formations covered with lush vegetation. At this point you have to hang on ropes to climb via the rocks to a wooden platform that will lead you to an amazing cavelike canyon with the most unique waterfall I’ve ever seen! I’m sure if the weather is great you can swim here. More about this hike soon on the blog! Video can be watched here.

Kal Koritnica (Bovec, Soca) (30 min drive from Slap Kozjak)

Slovenia road trip Slap Boka

Slovenia road trip Soca

Duration: 2 nights, 1.5 days
Where did I stay? Apartments Kravanja

Kal Koritnica is a tiny village of about 30 houses east from Bovec. I stayed here because it was an excellent place to do trips to Slap Boka, Slap Virje and the Soca canyon. I did all three in one day! Slap Boka is one of the mightiest waterfalls of Slovenia. I only hiked to the viewpoint due to the weather conditions, but you can also walk along the river to the waterfall (which is more challenging). The Virje waterfall was difficult to reach. The path was easy but the waterfall had too much water in it, so it was impossible to stand in front it and take photos. It splashed too hard. The Soca river is a sight to see! Especially the canyon part is worth exploring! You can hike along the rock formations with the lightblue river down below. Just make sure you don’t fall down! Normally I would’ve done the Fratarica waterfalls hike on my way to Gozd Martuljek, but due to the weather, it was impossible. You have to cross the river (there is no bridge) and the water level was way too high.
More about Bovec soon on the blog!

Lake Zelenci

Slovenia road trip Zelenci

On my way to Gozd Martuljek I did stop at Lake Zelenci, because I knew it wasn’t a long walk. It’s a tiny cute emerald green lake surrounded by the mountains.

Gozd Martuljek (1 hour drive from Kal Koritnica)

Slovenia road trip Slap Martuljek

Slovenia road trip Jasna Lake

Duration: 2 nights, 1.5 days
Where did I stay? Hotel Spik Alpine & Wellness Resort

I stayed at Gozd Martuljek because it was close to the starting point of the challenging hike to the Martuljek falls. Unfortunately due to the weather I was only able to hike to the lower Martuljek falls. The path itself had turned into a river/waterfall so I couldn’t proceed to the higher Martuljek falls. Instead I went hiking to Lake Jasna, visited the Russian Chapel and Planica, where one of the world’s highest skijumps can be found. I was lucky staying at the Hotel Spik Alpine & Wellness Resort. So I could go for a swim and a massage when it was impossible to go hiking. Soon more on the blog!

Slap Pericnik (21 min drive from Gozd Martuljek)

Slovenia road trip Slap Pericnik

Before driving straight to Ljubljana I stopped at Slap Pericnik. What’s so special about this waterfall? You can walk behind it (but you need to be careful!).  Everyone goes to the lower part, few make it to the higher falls. The hike is a bit tricky and dangerous, but still I went to the top and it was worth the view!

Ljubljana (airport 49 min drive from Slap Pericnik)

Slovenia road trip Ljubljana

Duration: 2 nights, 2 days
Where did I stay? B&B Atticus

The last stop of my Slovenia road trip was Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. I dropped off my car at the airport and took a taxi to Ljubljana. Ljubuljana isn’t a big town. You can visit it in just one day. I stayed in the old town near the central market which was perfect to start exploring. Ljubljana is like a mini Prague with its charming architecture and bridges. It’s a town you need to explore by foot. My favorites were the Triple Bridge and the Metelkova Art Center. But you also have a lot of great places to eat and drink! Soon more!

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Slovenia road trip


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