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This is an itinerary for those who spend only one day in Venice and don’t want to miss out on places you must see. Venice (or Venezia) is a wonderful unique city. It’s easy to get lost here in the labyrinth of the many canals and narrow streets. Normally I don’t mind getting lost, but if you’re only here for a day, it’s not the best way to spend your time, because you’ll probably miss out on things. If you want to read some more about Venice click here. Now let’s go!

Venice Venezia in one day walking map

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Walking distance around 8,5 kilometers.

Piazza San Marco Venice Venezia

Doges Palace Venice Venezia

You start at the Piazza San Marco, the most famous place in Venice. It’s dominated by the Basilica di San Marco and surrounded by the Campanile, Palazzi and the Torre dell’Orologio (the Clock Tower). Take your time to explore it and then continue to the Piazzetta where you can admire the Palazzo Ducale (Doges Palace).

Ponte dei Sospiri Venice Venezia

From there walk to the Canale di San Marco and turn left to the bridge that offers a view of the Ponte Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs). Then continue and turn left at the Calle de le Rasse. At the end turn left to the Campiello Sant Filippo e Giacomo and turn right at the Calle Sacrestia. Take Calle Figher, cross the bridge and continue your way via the Calle Canonica to reach Piazza San Marco again. Take the Merceria Orologio and go right at the Campo San Zulian direction Campo de la Guerra. Cross the bridge and continue via the Calle Bande Castello, again cross the bridge and keep left to reach the Campo S. Maria Formosa. This is a nice square with some beautiful sights.

Ponte dei Conzafelzi Venice Venezia

After wandering around the square take the Calle Lunga and turn left at the Calle Pinelli. You will reach the Ponte dei Conzafelzi which offers a nice view on a corner house that is surrounded by 2 canals. Continue your way via the Calle Vesier and turn right at the Barbaria delle Tolle. Take the Calle dell’Ospedaletto on your right and cross the bridge. Immediately turn left on the Fondamenta Laterano and follow it to the right until you reach Ponte Cappello.

Campo Santa Maria Nova Venice Venezia

Return to the Barbaria delle Tolle and head direction Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo. This beautiful square has a nice basilica and lays by the water. Cross the bridge to the Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina. Continue until the Campo Santa Maria Nova. Take in the view of the canals and the Santa Maria dei Miracoli church.

Ponte di Rialto Venice Venezia

Cross the bridge and walk around the church. Cross the bridge on the other side of the church to reach the Calle Miracoli. At the end of the street turn left (Salizada S. Canzian). Follow until the T-crossing and go left to follow the Salizada S Giovanni Grisostono. Cross the bridge and continue your way via the Salizada del Fontego dei Tedeschi. Turn right at the Calle del Fontego and continue until you reach the Ponte di Rialto.

Ponte del Forner Venice Venezia

Cross it and buy a sandwich at the Ruga dei Oresi. Eat it at the Riva del Vin while watching the boats and gondolas passing by. After lunch continue by taking the Ruga dei Oresi, Ruga dei Spezieri and arrive at the Campo Beccarie. Cross the bridge at the Calle Miani. Follow this street and turn left at the Calle dei Botteri. Continue until the end and turn right into the small alley, you reach a small square with a sign “Campane”. Then take the other small alley and continue until you reach Rio Terra Rampani. Turn right and continue to cross the bridge and take the Calle Agnello. Turn left at the end to the Calle Seconda del Cristo and arrive at the Ponte del Forner which offers a nice view on the canals.

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Venice Venezia

Cross the bridge and turn right at the C.D. Scaleter. Go left at the Rio Terra Secondo and continue to the Calle Chiesa. Turn left following the Calle Dona Castello until you arrive at the Campo San Sti. Turn left to the Fondamenta Frari. Here you have a nice view of the Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. Cross the bridge to the Campo dei Frari. Turn right at the Salizada S Rocco. Continue to the Calle Tintoretto to reach the Campo S Rocco. Keep following the street till the cross road and take the Calle de Castelforte S Rocco to the left. You arrive at a square with stunning views.

Rio de San Pantalon Venice Venezia

Turn left and continue your way under the white arches of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Cross the bridge on your right and follow the Calle della Scuola. Turn left at the Calle Grosera and right at the Calle S Pantalon. Follow it until the Campo San Pantalon, cross the left bridge and continue to the Campo S Margherita.

view from Punta Dogana Venice Venezia

Santa Maria della Salute Venice Venezia

Walk to the other side of the square of the massive square and take the street on the left side. Try a gelato at Il Doge and follow the street at its left side (Rio Terra Canal). Cross the Ponte dei Pugni and follow to the left until you reach the Campo San Barnaba. Continue via Calle Lotto, cross the bridge and follow Fondamenta Toletta to the Sacca della Toletta and the Calle Toletta until you can cross a bridge again. Then turn left and take the Calle Contarini Corfu and follow it to the right side to Rio Terra Carita (you’ll pass the Accademia bridge here, but you don’t take it yet). Keep going straight ahead to the Rio Terra Foscarini and turn left at the Calle Sant’Agnese. Cross the bridge to the Calle Chiesa and keep following it until you reach Campiello Barbato. Keep going via the Ca Le Del Bastion, cross the bridge and arrive at Fondamenta Saluta with the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Salute and Punta Dogana.

Ponte dell'Accademia Venice Venezia

Campo Sant'Angelo Venice Venezia

Then return until you reach the Accademia bridge again and cross it. Don’t forget to take in the view of the Grand Canal. It’s sublime! Go straight ahead until you reach Campo Santo Stefano. Cross it and take the opposite street Calle Frati Dorsoduro to reach the Campo Sant’Angelo. Take Calle Mandola to reach Campo Manin.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo Venice Venezia

Take the street on the right named Calle de la Vida o de le Locande (there’s an Arrow pointing to Scala Contarini del Bovolo). Visit the special stairs and continue your way via the Calle Locande to the Calle Fuseri. Turn right, cross the bridge and continue to Frezzaria. Turn right here, cross the bridge and at the T junction turn left. Follow Calle Veste until you arrive at the Calle Larga XXII Marzo. Turn left and keep going until you reach Chiesa San Moise.

San Moise Venice Venezia

I recommend taking the vaporetto for a tour on the Canal Grande as well if you have some time left.

What are your favorite places in Venice? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments down below! Or let me know if this itinerary was helpful!


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8 thoughts on “One day in Venice: places you must see | Walking map

  1. This is awesome, but I’m having a hard time following! Printed out the map but it’s so difficult for me since I don’t know any italian! Might have to do some dissecting! AH! I might be getting lost in the streets in Venice after all!

    1. You lost me, all the directions are in English 🙂 You don’t need to speak Italian to understand them? I don’t translate names of locations because after all they are in Italian over there. 🙂
      I’m sure if you are over there and you see the street names, you can follow the instructions. I made it super detailed so it’s impossible to go wrong 🙂
      Also, if you have a detailed map you’ll see it. You can highlight the route on your map.

  2. Hi Joelle! Going to Venice this July and am very excited to walk your itinerary. Just wondering roughly how many hours this took you? Also can you tell me a little bit more about the vaporetto tours of the Grand Canal? Thanks!

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