A day trip to Brussels, what to do?

I decided to do a day trip to Brussels yesterday. It’s the capital of my home country Belgium and I don’t visit the city that much. Now I remember why I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, Brussels has some beautiful sights to see. But if you have only a few days to spend in Belgium I recommend to skip Brussels and visit Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp instead. These wonderful cities have much more to offer and are less packed with tourists. At least that’s the impression I get everytime I go to Brussels.

Maybe I haven’t discovered its most beautiful spots yet, so if you disagree, let me know where to go next time.

One thing I know for sure; if you love to eat, you’ll definitely like Brussels. Whether it’s to eat typical Belgian, Italian or Asian. You’ll find it all! And if you’re a sucker for sweet; indulge in Brussels waffles, crêpes, macaroons and Belgian chocolates! Food gets you thirsty, but don’t worry, Belgium has over 1000 different beers! (here’s a list!)

If you do decide to visit Brussels, don’t miss out on these attractions;

Manneken Pis Little Man Pee Brussels

Manneken Pis (Little Man Pee)

Remember; it’s called Little Man Pee! Don’t expect a statue of 2 meters high. It’s really small and often a disappointment for tourists arriving at the peeing man. The reactions of tourists around it are actually funny.

Grand Place Grote Markt Brussels

Grand Place Grote Markt Brussels

Grote Markt (Grand Place)

The main square of Brussels is probably the most beautiful spot. You’ll be surrounded by palatial guildhalls, the Town Hall and the Breadhouse.

Rue des Bouchers Brussels

Rue des Bouchers

A street packed with restaurants. Fun to walk through!

Jeanneke Pis Brussels

Jeanneke Pis

The female lesser-known version of Manneke Pis. You’ll find her in a side street of the Rue des Bouchers; Impasse de la Fidélité.

Galeries Royales St Hubert Brussels

Galeries Royales St Hubert

A gorgeous shopping arcade where you’ll find the best chocolate stores and other delicacies and specialties! During the Christmas period it’s the most beautiful with all the decorations and lights.

royal palace Brussels

Royal Palace

I don’t know if you know, but we have a royal family in Belgium! They’re not as fancy as the British, but still, we have kings and queens, princes and princesses!

Kunstberg Mont des arts Brussels


A nice place to hang out and you get a beautiful view on the tower of the Town Hall and the Koekelberg church!

Brussels Waffles

Brussels Waffles

Just eat them and be in heaven.

Share your favorite places in Brussels in the comments down below!


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