London on a budget during the holidays

London St Paul's Cathedral

If you’re on a budget, a trip to the city of London can be quite expensive. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. If you apply these simple tips & tricks, London can be very budget friendly or even cheap.

Book in advance

London House Hotel

I booked my hotel located near Hyde Park in April, which is 8 months in advance, via with the free cancellation option, in case I would find a cheaper one, but I didn’t. I paid only 406£ for 4 nights (203£ per person) which is cheap for London, especially in this period! I’ll write more about the hotel in a later post.
I booked my Eurostar tickets as soon as they became available. The longer you wait, the more expensive they become and they are sold out quickly.

Make your own breakfast

Breakfast was not included at the hotel. I prefered it that way because breakfast is often overpriced. London is packed with supermarkets and especially the food department of Marks & Spencer is pretty impressive. That’s why I prefer buying breakfast the day before and eat it at the hotel room. You save money and time. The room had a water boiler, so you can even prepare tea or coffee.
On Sunday I went out for breakfast that costed less than 9£.

Cheap & healthy lunch

If you like cheap natural healthy tasty food you should give Pret A Manger a try. This take-away shop originates from London and you can find it everywhere in the city. Don’t worry, you can eat in as well. I loved their salad wraps and salads. You can find delicious lunch (drink included) for less than 6£!

Dinner at the pub

London Churchill Arms Pub

Dinner places are often pricy, but if you take your time you can find some fantastic places with low prices. I prefered dinner at local pubs and found some nice ones where I could have a yummie dinner for less than 15£! (details in a later post)

The Oyster card

London Oyster Card

You’ll use the tube probably more than 4 times a day, so the Oyster card is the perfect solution. It costs 31,40£ for 7 days, which isn’t much if you know the price of a single ticket: 2,30 to 2,90£.

Free museums

London british museum

London’s museums are free and the perfect indoor activity when the weather is bad. If you’re interested in history and art you should definitely give the British Museum and the Tate Modern a visit.

Forget expensive rooftop views like the Shard and the London Eye

Saint Paul's Cathedral One New Change London

Take the elevator to the rooftop of the One New Change shopping center to get a fantastic view on Saint Paul’s Cathedral or pay only 4£ to climb the 311 steps of the Monument. Here you can take pictures without the annoying reflections of windows.


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  • December 17, 2014 at 3:44 AM

    I loved my time in London, but living there on a budget is sooo so hard. I was eating 2 minute noodles and toasted sandwiches practically the whole time I was an expat there!!

    21 year old backpacker currently an expat in New Zealand

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