Face your fears: climb the pyramid of Coba, Mexico

Coba Mexico

Everyone is afraid of something. We all have our fears. And that’s perfectly fine (and human). But we can’t let our fears limit our lives. Too often people say “no”, because of their fear and they miss out on great things. Fear is mental and often not necessary because there is no real danger. When you face your fears, it can be really scary at that moment and you’ll probably have trembling knees, but the feeling of victory and satisfaction afterwards is so much stronger and it makes you feel proud, happy and confident. There’s nothing more exhilarating than to laugh your fear in its face!

Climbing the Coba pyramid

Coba Mexico Ixmoja

Coba is one of the few archeological sites in Mexico where you are still allowed to climb up the pyramid. The site is less famous than Chichen Itza and the ruins that are spread in the jungle less preserved, but the climb up the Ixmoja pyramid of the Nohoch Mul group, sure is an adventure! Especially when you’re afraid of heights like me!

Coba Mexico

The steps of the 137 ft (42m) high Ixmoja pyramid are slippery, dangerous and worn down by erosion. Your only “safety” is the rope attached to the stone steps, so that’s not very comforting. There is only one rope, so everyone climbing up and down is clinging to it as if their life depends on it!

Coba MexicoMake sure to look behind a couple of times while climbing up the steep pyramid, to reassure yourself you still have the courage to continue your way up. Despite my fear of heights I managed to reach the top with trembling knees and heavy breathing (what do you expect after climbing up 120 steps in this climate!). The view on top is simply amazing! All you see is a widespread jungle (and the awful way back 🙂 ).

Coba Mexico

The way back down happens on hands, butt and feet (no kidding) next to the rope, joking with other scared people. When my feet touched the ground again I felt victory! I was so proud that I managed to do this with my fear of heights!

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