Casa Andalusi in Cordoba, a true hidden gem

Casa Andalusi wasn’t on my bucket list of things to visit during my day in Cordoba. But at lunch I was looking on my map for monuments I could still visit in the afternoon (most of them are closed after 3pm) that were at a short walking distance. Casa Andalusi met those requirements. So after eating berenjenas con miel (fried aubergines with honey), I headed to this typical Andalusian house, not reallly knowing what to expect.

Cordoba Casa Andalusi

It is situated in a neighbourhood with typical narrow white alleys which made the walk all the more pleasant. The entrance is well indicated with a sign hanging above the giant door. A friendly older man greeted me, warned me about the turtles that crawl around the patio of the house and wished me a pleasant visit. The entrance only costed 2,5€.

Casa Andalusi, a hidden gem in Cordoba

Casa Andalusi turned out to be a typical 12th century Andalusian house with medieval Islamic furniture and decorations. First I stepped into a little courtyard with a little fountain decorated with yellow flowers. The sound of the water with the music playing in the background (a mixture of Arab-Spanish music) instanly set the mood. The patio is surrounded by trees, plants and  galleries decorated with authentic furniture and decorations such as mirrors, vases, statues and carpets.

Cordoba Casa Andalusi

One door leads to a room where I discovered more about 10th century Arab printing. This is one of the oldest forms of print making in the world. Walking through the other door brought me into a cosy living room furnished with Arabic tables and mirrors, leather poufs to sit on, surrounded by mosaic walls. I wished this was my living room!

The seating area leads to another patio with another cute fountain filled with flowers.  When continuing my way I walked through a narrow alley that leads to another small patio, again with a fountain and many plants and trees.

I loved walking through the Casa Andalusi, simply because I loved the sound of the music, the water and the calmth I could find here. The furniture, the mosaics and the Arab carvings that can be found everywhere in Casa Andalusi will always intrigue me.

When in Cordoba; visit Casa Andalusi. You won’t be disappointed.

Let these photos inspire you:

Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba  Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba   Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba

Casa Andalusi Cordoba

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